About Us

Big B.L.U.E is an acronym for "Building Ladies Utilizing Empowerment," that serves as a 501(c)(3) non-profit mentorship for young ladies actively participating in high school JROTC programs.

The purpose of this non-profit program is to bridge the gap between young ladies in Charleston, South Carolina JROTC programs with women that are currently serving or have served in the military. As stated by the Department of Defense, women make up "20% of the Air Force, 19% of the Navy, 15% of the Army, and 9% of the Marine Corps." This program will provide support to females considering the military, higher education, or entering the workforce immediately after graduation.

Big B.L.U.E was established in 2019, by our founder, Technical Sergeant Ashley Gilmore, who is currently serving in the United States Air Force Reserve.

With her Bachelors in Psychology from Troy University and Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling from The University of Alabama, Dr. Gilmore decided that she wanted to bridge the gap between educational reforms, military, higher learning, and mentorship. Her strive to make a difference in the world of the military and educational leadership led her to further her education and research. She has completed her Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Liberty University, which assisted with bringing insight towards creating Big B.L.U.E. She believes that her transparency between her experiences in the military, education, and workforce will serve as guidance towards these young ladies prior to graduation with finding the right path towards success and the best decision for them.

Dr. Gilmore's visions started at RB Stall High School in Charleston, South Carolina. Big B.L.U.E.'s visions for the program is to expand throughout the Palmetto State and be adopted within the United States Air Force. There is a need to empower the women within the military and Dr. Gilmore believes that it starts before ever entering the military.